Rise Against to reissue Revolutions Per Minute


Rise Against will be reissuing their second full-length album Revolutions Per Minute in celebration of its 10th anniversary, on May 28th, via Fat Wreck Records featuring 10 bonus tracks. Check out the reissue’s artwork and tracklisting below by clicking “Read More”



  1. Black Masks & Gasoline
  2. Heaven Knows
  3. Dead Ringer
  4. Halfway There
  5. Like the Angel
  6. Voices Off Camera
  7. Blood-Red, White & Blue
  8. Broken English
  9. Last Chance Blueprint
  10. To the Core
  11. Torches
  12. Amber Changing
  13. Black Masks & Gasoline
  14. Heaven Knows
  15. Halfway There
  16. Like the Angel
  17. Voices Off Camera
  18. Blood-Red, White & Blue
  19. Broken English
  20. Last Chance Blueprint
  21. Torches
  22. Amber Changing

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